Molecular Diagnostics Toolkit

Molecular Diagnostics Toolkit

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Enzymes are the heart of each and every diagnostic test. Enzymes are the means we can track, study and defeat old and new infectious diseases. However, enzymes are globally distributed from centralized foundries and, most often, require a cold chain for stability restricting their access to the many, even more in times of supply chain disruptions like is happening in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The Molecular Diagnostics Toolkit includes:

  • IPTG inducible, T7 promoter driven ready-to-use expression cassettes to produce essential enzymes used in diagnostic among which RT, Bst-LF, RPA enzymes, RNA inhibitors. Enzymes are His-tagged and cassettes design are based on literature and experimental evidence.
  • A set of constructs for the production of Sars-CoV-2 RNA positive and negative controls; 

What can it be used for:

The collection wants to provide researchers worldwide with an open source toolkit to produce their own enzymes, streamlining their research in diagnostics irrespective of supply chain disruptions.

This product is made available under the unilateral OpenMTA. Read Terms of Service at the bottom of the page for details.

Where can I find more information:
Check the list of available expression cassettes for diagnostics to know which cassettes are currently available and which are still in the process of being synthesized. Thanks for your patience!

If you would like to design your own expression cassette, changing promoter, tag, reporter gene or terminator have a look at our Expression Toolkit collection.