E. coli Protein Expression Tookit

E. coli Protein Expression Tookit

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Are you looking for an all-in-one toolkit to build up your dream construct to try expressing your enzymes of choice, tailored to your lab’s resources and needs? A toolkit containing different promoters, RBSs, linkers, tags, reporters? This collection might be for you.

A collection of >100 DNA parts designed to be assembled in one-pot reaction using BsaI-based Golden-Gate assembly. DNA parts are MoClo, SEVA, Loop and CIDAR assembly compatible. The collection includes:

  • 6 promoters ( T7, constitutive, light inducible, temperature inducible)
  • 5 RBS and insulators
  • 10 purification tags and
  • 6 cleavage sites, flexible linkers
  • 20 genes of which 2 reporters and 18 of genes used in diagnostics
  • two destination vectors with pink or blue color screening.

What can it be used for:

Use the DNA parts of the collection to assemble the expression plasmids for the protein of your choice, tailored to the resources present in your lab. The collection enables thousands of combinations for each gene of choice. Full power of the collection can be explored using pipetting robots. The collection is compatible with all the CDSs present in the Open Enzyme collections.

Where can I find more information:

Check the list of available DNA parts for Expression Toolkit to know which DNA parts are currently available and which are still in the process of being synthesized. Thanks for your patience!

Check out our assembly scheme to see how the DNA parts of this collection fits together.