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The Freegenes Team


Drew Endy (he/him)

Drew Endy (earthling) is committed (or should be).  Wait, what?!  Truthfully, Drew feels strongly that 10 billion homo sapiens can flourish on Earth without trashing the place.  Becoming biotic -- a fully-realized, biotechnology-enabled civilization -- is essential for our dream to come true.  If we are smart and hard working we can make this dream real by-or-before 2050.  If we do it right we can also renew citizenship and democracy along the way.  Drew studies, teaches, and lives at Stanford with Wu Tang Claw (cat), Indiana Bones (dog), and three Earthlings.

Gwyn Uttmark (they/them)

Gwyn Uttmark (they/them) manages the technical backend for the FreeGenes team. Previously, they've worked on enzymatic DNA synthesis for the International Space Station. They currently work on data integration for other groups at Stanford as well as at the University of Wyoming. They're originally from Casper, Wyoming and are writing a book on LGBTQ+ Artists in the rural USA. They study Community Health and Prevention Research at the Stanford School of Medicine. In their free time they like to paint.

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