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Open Reporters

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The Open Reporter Collection includes 32 commonly used reporter genes used in all kinds of biology labs for a variety of techniques including measuring gene expression, diagnostics, verifying successful transformations and more. The collection includes chromoproteins (which produce a colour that is visible to the naked eye), fluorescent proteins (that require excitation by a certain wavelength of light and emit another wavelength), luciferases (which emit bioluminscence) and other enzymes that enable colorimetric detection of a substrate by changing its color, for example horseradish peroxidase which classically turns a chemical substrate bright pink in very common antibody-based assays such as ELISA.

What can the collection be used for?
There are so many uses for reporter genes that parts of this collection will be useful for almost any lab performing cell or molecular biology. We have provided reporters with a variety of spectra, output and maturation times to cater for specific research uses. Importantly, we cover a wide variety of colours that are visible to the naked eye and using fluorescent detection, making this collection useful not only for research but also for education and even bioart. All reporters are off-patent and can also be used commercially, which is good news for small biotech companies. 

Open Reporters are not provided in expression vectors. In order to see a color, you must subclone your gene of interest into an expression vector.

More information can be found at the Open Bioeconomy Lab Website. A plate map can be found here   

This kit is included in kit plate 2 of the 2022 iGEM distribution. The plate map for kit plate 2 of the iGEM 2022 distribution can be found here

This product is made available under the unilateral OpenMTA.  

Some or all of these items are for use only as permitted by a research exemption.


Open Reporters is shipped as purified and dried down plasmid DNA stained with Cresol Red in one 96-well plate. Each well contains approximately 50 ng of DNA. Cresol Red will not impact plasmid transformation.


Prior Kit Versions   

If you received an earlier version of this kit labeled "Open Enzymes (Part 2)/Open Reporters, you can find the platemap here.



Gene Name Freegenes ID
cjBlue/ BioBrick K592011 cjBlue/ BioBrick K592011 BBF10K_003331
gfasPurple/gfasCP Biobrick K1033918 gfasPurple/gfasCP Biobrick K1033918 BBF10K_003335
meffCP meffCP BBF10K_003338
meffCFP meffCFP BBF10K_003342
mmilCFP mmilCFP BBF10K_003343
meleCFP meleCFP BBF10K_003344
efasCFP efasCFP BBF10K_003345
aacuGFP1 aacuGFP1 BBF10K_003346
aacuGFP2 aacuGFP2 BBF10K_003347
afraGFP afraGFP BBF10K_003348
amilGFP Biobrick K592010 amilGFP Biobrick K592010 BBF10K_003349
eechGFP1 eechGFP1 BBF10K_003350
eechGFP2 eechGFP2 BBF10K_003351
eechGFP3 eechGFP3 BBF10K_003352
efasGFP efasGFP BBF10K_003353
gfasGFP gfasGFP BBF10K_003354
palmGFP palmGFP BBF10K_003355
amilRFP amilRFP BBF10K_003357
meffRed/meffRFP Biobricks K592012 meffRed/meffRFP Biobricks K592012 BBF10K_003358
meleRFP meleRFP BBF10K_003360
scubRFP scubRFP BBF10K_003361
eforRed/eforCP Biobrick K592012 eforRed/eforCP Biobrick K592012 BBF10K_003362
amajLime/amajCFP/amFP486 BioBrick K1033916 amajLime/amajCFP/amFP486 BioBrick K1033916 BBF10K_003364
EiraCFP Biobrick J97000 EiraCFP Biobrick J97000 BBF10K_003365
HRP horseradish peroxidase (HRP) BBF10K_003367
Firefly Luciferase [Photinus pyralis] (Fluc) Firefly Luciferase [Photinus pyralis] (Fluc) BBF10K_003368
Luciferase [Luciola cruciata] (Japanese firefly) Luciferase [Luciola cruciata] (Japanese firefly) BBF10K_003369
Renilla luciferase Renilla luciferase BBF10K_003370
beta-lactamase beta-lactamase BBF10K_003371
CIAP Calf Intestine Alkaline phosphatase (CIAP) BBF10K_003372

Download all of this information as a CSV from our GitHub.


The bionet enables open peer-peer exchange of functional biomaterials and associated data. This product may also be available from bionet nodes that are more convenient to you. Here are other bionet nodes who may be willing to provide you this specific product.

Name Contact Country
John Allan john.allan {at} northumbria {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
Ahmad Suparmin ahmad.suparmin {at} ugm {dot} ac {dot} id Indonesia
Dr. Rajashree Patil rajshree.patil.n {at} gmail {dot} com India
Phil Roche philroche365 {at} gmail {dot} com Canada
Shivang Joshi https://www.bacto.bio United Kingdom
Suresh Arakera sbarakera {at} kud {dot} ac {dot} in India
Mariela Escobar maru {at} michroma {dot} co Argentina
Jordan Gonzalez jgonzalez {at} thecitizensciencelab {dot} org United States
Nikolaus Dietz nikolaus.dietz {at} unibas {dot} ch Switzerland
Jimmy Linhares Synbioamazonas {at} gmail {dot} com Brazil
Jonathan LeCureux jlecureu {at} svsuedu United States
Guillermo VegaLopez guillermo.vega-lopez {at} fbqf {dot} unt {dot} edu {dot} ar United States
Majed Alghamdi mafa2 {at} le {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
robson tramontina robson.tramontina {at} gmail {dot} com Brazil
Emmanuele Severi emmanuele.severi {at} newcastle {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
Moritz Venne moritz.venne {at} web {dot} de Germany
Wei-Min Chang WeiMinChang {at} tmu {dot} edu {dot} tw Taiwan
Vincent Paris NA United States
John Allan john.allan {at} eng {dot} ox {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
Hernán Rebolledo lenaranjo {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Amitabha Majumdar Mamitava {at} nccs {dot} res {dot} in India
SERV0223789 CAROLINE BACQUET caroline.bacquet {at} ikiam {dot} edu {dot} ec United States
Meng Lu menglu {at} iastate {dot} edu United States
Jonathan Chevriau j.chevriau {at} gmail {dot} com Argentina
Ben Thuronyi bwt2 {at} williams {dot} edu United States
Tomasz Jurkowski jurkowskit {at} cardiff {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
Intan Taufik i.taufik {at} sith {dot} itb {dot} ac {dot} id Indonesia
Peer Schenk reuben.brown {at} uqconnect {dot} edu {dot} au Australia
Tim Dobbs tim.dobbs {at} cri-paris {dot} org France
Sreenivas Eadara sreeni.eadara {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Esteban Erben eerben {at} iib {dot} unsam {dot} edu {dot} ar Argentina
Jianxiang Shi jianxiangshi {at} zzu {dot} edu {dot} cn China
Yi Wu F.Nobrega {at} soton {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
Ian Cubit Djcubit {at} nycap {dot} rr {dot} com United States
Peter Rootes root0059 {at} umn {dot} edu United States
Shawn Lyons smlyons1 {at} bu {dot} edu United States
Joao Vitor Dutra Molino candidomolino {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Ahmed Hegazy a.hegazy {at} biotec {dot} rwth-aachen {dot} de Germany
Mark Slabodnick mmslabodnick {at} knox {dot} edu United States
Emin Bursa NA United States
Watanyu Bunsermyos watanyu.bu {at} ku {dot} th Thailand
Shree Ram Singh singhlabasu {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Jose David Rosales jdrr55 {at} yahoo {dot} com https://www {dot} linkedin {dot} com/in/david-rosales-574a7151/ Venezuela
Jorge Marchand jmarcha {at} uw {dot} edu United States
Tocvic Meng Tocvic Meng \ Email: tocvic.meng {at} holocyte {dot} com \ website https://gmexpression {dot} com/ Australia
Michael Powers mpowers9304 {at} gmail {dot} com United States
James Altamirano James_altam {at} utexas {dot} edu United States
Lisandro Pacheco lpacheco28 {at} unisimonbolivar {dot} edu {dot} co Colombia
Carlos Ueira-Vieira ueira {at} ufu {dot} br Brazil
Jacques Mathieu mathieu {at} rice {dot} edu United States
Stephen Klusza smklusza {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Jehovani Lopez jlopez {at} genspace {dot} org United States
Han Teng Wong wong_han_teng {at} imcb {dot} a-star {dot} edu {dot} sg Singapore
Elena Rosca erosca {at} ashesi {dot} edu {dot} gh Ghana
Oskar Zeballos zebsamosk {at} gmail {dot} com Bolivia
Jose David Rosales https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-rosales-574a7151/ United States
Fernan Federici ffederici {at} bio {dot} puc {dot} cl Chile
Kevin Correia kevin {at} kedalionlabs {dot} com Netherlands
Prince Samoh Samohprince.edem {at} gmail {dot} com Ghana
Nadia Odaliz Chamana Chura nadia.chamana {at} utec {dot} edu {dot} pe France
Joey Riepsaame joey.riepsaame {at} path {dot} ox {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
Manish Kushwaha manish.kushwaha {at} inrae {dot} fr France
Keoni Gandall koeng101 {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Cihan Aydin cihan.aydin {at} medeniyet {dot} edu {dot} tr Turkey
Benjamin Arias barias {at} alumni {dot} usfq {dot} edu {dot} ec Ecuador
Juan Vicente Farizano juan.farizano {at} fbqf {dot} unt {dot} edu {dot} ar Argentina
Aleksandr Shilovich mercurialbadger {at} yandex {dot} ru Russia
Benjamin Loang benjamin.liang {at} uq {dot} edu {dot} au Australia
Xingyue jiang karma5781 {at} 21cn {dot} com China
LUN CUI luncui {at} cczu {dot} edu {dot} cn China
Leandro Oliveira (NG) ll637 {at} cam {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
Alexander Iakovlev atom.liquid {at} gmail {dot} com Canada
Chris Badenhorst chris.badenhorst {at} uni-greifswald {dot} de Germany
Maira Goytia mgoytia {at} spelman {dot} edu United States
Elliot Medina elliot.medina {at} moffitt {dot} org United States
Kelly Gallagher kelly.gallagher {at} oneonta {dot} edu United States
Sarah Ware sarah.ware {at} bioblaze {dot} org United States
Anil Challa akchalla {at} uab {dot} edu United States
Pratik Vyas iampratikvyas {at} gamil {dot} com India
Kefentse Arnold Tumedi tumediak {at} yahoo {dot} com Botswana
Arthur Zanetti Nunes Fernandes fgueiros {at} iq {dot} usp {dot} br United States
Matthew Phanchana matthew.pha {at} mahidol {dot} edu Thailand
Tal Globus bio {at} talglobus {dot} com United States
Foong-Jing Goh wind1989 {at} hotmail {dot} com Taiwan
Elizabeth Bilsland bilsland {at} unicamp {dot} br Brazil
Fristot Elsa elsa.fristot {at} cbs {dot} cnrs {dot} fr France
Kenneth Frimpong ken.frimpong {at} thrivusinstitute {dot} edu {dot} gh Ghana
Aileen Button acbutton {at} ucsd {dot} edu United States
Amir Kashani NA Canada
Josephine Labos N/A Philippines
Cauã Westman caua.westmann {at} ieu {dot} uzh {dot} ch Switzerland
Vitaliy Strochkov NA Kazakhstan
Swaraj Kunal swaraj.avisa {at} gmail {dot} com India
Gülşen Günel gulsen.gunel {at} ogr {dot} iu {dot} edu {dot} tr Turkey
mehmet tardu mtardu {at} gmail {dot} com Turkey
Kristel Alman kristel.alman {at} ut {dot} ee Estonia
Simon Hofer soyouwantalab {at} gmail {dot} com Austria
Lorenzo Zolfanelli biopunk {at} zolfa {dot} nl France

Download all of this information as a CSV from our GitHub.