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The Open Reporter Collection includes 42 commonly used reporter genes used in all kinds of biology labs for a variety of techniques including measuring gene expression, diagnostics, verifying successful transformations and more. The collection includes chromoproteins (which produce a colour that is visible to the naked eye), fluorescent proteins (that require excitation by a certain wavelength of light and emit another wavelength), luciferases (which emit bioluminscence) and other enzymes that enable colorimetric detection of a substrate by changing its color, for example horseradish peroxidase which classically turns a chemical substrate bright pink in very common antibody-based assays such as ELISA.

What can the collection be used for?
There are so many uses for reporter genes that parts of this collection will be useful for almost any lab performing cell or molecular biology. We have provided reporters with a variety of spectra, output and maturation times to cater for specific research uses. Importantly, we cover a wide variety of colours that are visible to the naked eye and using fluorescent detection, making this collection useful not only for research but also for education and even bioart. All reporters are off-patent and can also be used commercially, which is good news for small biotech companies. 

More information can be found at the Open Bioeconomy Lab Website. A plate map can be found here.  

Note: This distribution is shipped on the same plate as the Open Enzymes (Part 2) collection. 



Gene Name
cjBlue/ BioBrick K592011 cjBlue/ BioBrick K592011
meffBlue/Rtms5/ NF pocilloporin /Biobrick K1033902 meffBlue/Rtms5/ NF pocilloporin /Biobrick K1033902
spisPink/spisCP Biobrick K1033925 spisPink/spisCP Biobrick K1033925
amilCP Biobrick K592009 amilCP Biobrick K592009
gfasPurple/gfasCP Biobrick K1033918 gfasPurple/gfasCP Biobrick K1033918
ahyaCP ahyaCP
gdjiCP gdjiCP
meffCP meffCP
amilCFP amilCFP
anobCFP2 anobCFP2
meffCFP meffCFP
mmilCFP mmilCFP
meleCFP meleCFP
efasCFP efasCFP
aacuGFP1 aacuGFP1
aacuGFP2 aacuGFP2
afraGFP afraGFP
amilGFP Biobrick K592010 amilGFP Biobrick K592010
eechGFP1 eechGFP1
eechGFP2 eechGFP2
eechGFP3 eechGFP3
efasGFP efasGFP
gfasGFP gfasGFP
palmGFP palmGFP
sarcGFP sarcGFP
amilRFP amilRFP
meffRed/meffRFP Biobricks K592012 meffRed/meffRFP Biobricks K592012
meleRFP meleRFP
scubRFP scubRFP
eforRed/eforCP Biobrick K592012 eforRed/eforCP Biobrick K592012
asPink/asFP595/asCP BioBrick K1033933 asPink/asFP595/asCP BioBrick K1033933
amajLime/amajCFP/amFP486 BioBrick K1033916 amajLime/amajCFP/amFP486 BioBrick K1033916
EiraCFP Biobrick J97000 EiraCFP Biobrick J97000
beta-galactosidase beta-galactosidase
HRP horseradish peroxidase (HRP)
Firefly Luciferase [Photinus pyralis] (Fluc) Firefly Luciferase [Photinus pyralis] (Fluc)
Luciferase [Luciola cruciata] (Japanese firefly) Luciferase [Luciola cruciata] (Japanese firefly)
Renilla luciferase Renilla luciferase
beta-lactamase beta-lactamase
CIAP Calf Intestine Alkaline phosphatase (CIAP)