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COVID-19 Diagnostic Toolkit Enzymes

COVID-19 Diagnostic Toolkit Enzymes

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COVID-19 is currently destroying hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. Widespread testing for this virus is necessary to control its spread, but in many places, conducting tests costs too much money because of the reagent cost. We have collected expression plasmids for the most expensive test components, the enzymes. With these expression plasmids, users can produce the enzymes needed to do testing locally much cheaper than it would cost to purchase or import them, which we hope will allow for more COVID-19 tests.

What is it:
This is a collection of 5 different protein-coding genes in expression vectors, including 2 reverse transcriptases (HIV-RT and MMLV-RT), two DNA polymerases (Taq and Bst-LF), and one RNA inhibitor. All vectors, except HIV-RT, are ampicillin resistant, with HIV-RT being kanamycin resistant. The RNAse inhibitor plasmid and the Taq polymerase plasmid both use the tac promoter, while the HIV-RT, MMLV-RT, and Bst-LF plasmids use the T7 promoter.

Shipped as purified and dried down DNA stained with Cresol Red in one 96-well plate. Each well contains approximately 50 ng of DNA. Cresol Red will not impact plasmid transformation.

Plate map can be found here.

What can it be used for:
These enzymes can generally be used for reverse transcription and PCR or LAMP amplification. Any protocol that requires any of those 3 reactions can use the enzymes expressed in these vectors.

Thanks to:
These materials were created by the Dickinson lab at UC Chicago, Alex Brown at National Jewish Health, John Schloendorn at Gene And Cell Technology, and the Open Bioeconomy Lab at Cambridge University.

Where I can find more information:

Here are the genbank format files for each detection enzyme expression vector. You will need the free SnapGene® viewer or other program. 

This product is made available under the unilateral OpenMTA

Some or all of these items are for use only as permitted by a research exemption.


 The items in this collection can also be obtained from Addgene as individual items:




Gene Name Freegenes ID
Taq pOpenTaq BBF10K_003493
HIV-RT His-tagged HIV-RT p66 BBF10K_003494
MMLV-RT His-tagged MMLV-RT BBF10K_003495
Bst-LF Bst-LF DNA polymerase BBF10K_003496
RNAse Inhibitor RNAse Inhibitor BBF10K_003497

Download all of this information as a CSV from our GitHub.


The bionet enables open peer-peer exchange of functional biomaterials and associated data. This product may also be available from bionet nodes that are more convenient to you. Here are other bionet nodes who may be willing to provide you this specific product.

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Norhan Hassan norhan.hassan {at} kaust {dot} edu {dot} sa Saudi Arabia
Ahmed Atef ahmed_atefaig2 {at} yahoo {dot} com Saudi Arabia
Deepak Saini deepaksaini {at} iisc {dot} ac {dot} in India
elwi machado elwi.machado {at} unisimonbolivar {dot} edu {dot} co Colombia
Jose David Rosales jdrr55 {at} yahoo {dot} com https://www {dot} linkedin {dot} com/in/david-rosales-574a7151/ Venezuela
Benjamin Loang benjamin.liang {at} uq {dot} edu {dot} au Australia
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Jordan Gonzalez jgonzalez {at} thecitizensciencelab {dot} org United States
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Intan Taufik i.taufik {at} sith {dot} itb {dot} ac {dot} id Indonesia
Sarah Turcotte turcottes {at} cbsnews {dot} com United States
raghav sridhar raghav {at} cambrianbioworks {dot} com India
Kyle Erlenbeck krerlenbeck {at} dcsdk12 {dot} org United States
Josephine Labos N/A Philippines
Jimmy Gledson Hayden Linhares haydenlinhars {at} gmail {dot} com Brazil
Kenneth Frimpong ken.frimpong {at} thrivusinstitute {dot} edu {dot} gh Ghana
mehmet tardu mtardu {at} gmail {dot} com Turkey
Emre Yörük unalsergen {at} gmail {dot} com Turkey
Dong Nguyen Tam NA Vietnam
LUN CUI luncui {at} cczu {dot} edu {dot} cn China
Han Teng Wong wong_han_teng {at} imcb {dot} a-star {dot} edu {dot} sg Singapore
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Oskar Zeballos zebsamosk {at} gmail {dot} com Bolivia
Matthew Phanchana matthew.pha {at} mahidol {dot} edu Thailand
Johan Sosa johan {at} thefunquantum {dot} com United States
Codruta Ignea codruta.ignea {at} mcgill {dot} ca Canada
Dayananda Chandrappa nanda.daya {at} gmail {dot} com India
Thooyavan George www.hetrogenebiotech.com India
Shibichakravarthy Kannan shibi.kannan {at} gmail {dot} com India
Irfan Hussain irfan {at} bs {dot} qau {dot} edu {dot} pk Pakistan
Ferdinand Molnár NA Kazakhstan
Tania Pozzo tania.pozzo {at} gmail {dot} com Sweden
Vitaliy Strochkov NA Kazakhstan
Majed Alghamdi mafa2 {at} le {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom

Download all of this information as a CSV from our GitHub.