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One-Step Cloning and Chromosomal Integration of DNA

One-Step Cloning and Chromosomal Integration of DNA

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What is it?

“Clonetegration” is a method for integrating DNA into prokaryotic chromosomes that approaches the simplicity of cloning DNA within extrachromosomal vectors. Compared to existing techniques, clonetegration drastically decreases the time and effort needed for integration of single or multiple DNA fragments. Additionally, clonetegration facilitates cloning and expression of genetic elements that are impossible to propagate within typical multicopy plasmids.


What can it be used for?

Integrating your favorite DNA into specific loci on a bacterial chromosome.


Where can I find more information?

One-Step Cloning and Chromosomal Integration of DNA, François St-Pierre, Lun Cui, David G. Priest, Drew Endy, Ian B. Dodd, and Keith E. Shearwin, https://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/sb400021j?src=recsys&


The One-Step Cloning and Chromosomal Integration of DNA Toolkit is shipped as purified and dried down plasmid DNA stained with Cresol Red in one 96-well plate. Each well contains approximately 50 ng of DNA. Cresol Red will not impact plasmid transformation.  

If you've already received the plate, use Chrome or Firefox to download the plate layout. Plates are labelled "One Step Integration Collection"

This kit is included in kit plate 2 of the 2022 iGEM distribution. The plate map for kit plate 2 of the iGEM 2022 distribution can be found here



Gene Name Freegenes ID
pE-FLP pE-FLP BBF10K_000016
pOSIP-CH (CamR, HK022) pOSIP-CH (CamR, HK022) BBF10K_000031
pOSIP-KO (KanR, 186) pOSIP-KO (KanR, 186) BBF10K_000492
pOSIP-TT (TetR, P21) pOSIP-TT (TetR, P21) BBF10K_000493

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