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Open Plasmids

Open Plasmids

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Currently, sharing and reuse of plasmids is managed by material transfer agreements and patent-based property rights. Navigating these rights and agreements can place cumbersome legal burdens on researchers, who often do not have the legal training to negotiate the agreements themselves, and who may not have access to a university technology transfer office who can help them through the process.

To address these challenges, we have made our own open source plasmids of known provenance and free of IP conflict, thus removing property rights encumbrances and redistribution barriers. Here we present the Open Plasmids Collection, a growing group of standard, freely available, open-source plasmids. Plasmids in the collection can be reused, remade, and redistributed as often as one would like.

What can it be used for:

The Open Plasmids distribution is comprised of three plasmids: pBuild, pYeast, and pInducible. Each vector was designed specifically for the Open Plasmids Collection, and has both an E. coli origin of replication and an antibiotic resistance marker for negative selection.

pBuild is designed as a robust, flexible E. coli cloning vector. The plasmid backbone is compatible with multiple cloning strategies, including restriction ligation, Gibson assembly, SLiCE, and Golden Gate assembly using the FreeGenes MoClo standard. pYeast is an expression vector designed for propagation in E. coli and galactose-inducible expression in yeast, allowing users to investigate their genes in a eukaryotic environment. pInducible is an inducible-copy vector based on iGEM plasmid pSB2K3, and intended for cloning difficult or toxic genes.

Where can I find more information:

Unique parts: 3

Plates in distribution: 1

Shipped as purified and dried down plasmid DNA stained with Cresol Red in one 96-well plate. Each well contains approximately 50 ng of DNA. Cresol Red will not impact plasmid transformation.

Plate layout can be found here.

Instructions for Use:

Transform your plasmid of choice into competent Top10 E. coli cells (or similar). Culture at 37C overnight, with shaking at around 300rpm. The bacterial selection marker for pBuild is ampicillin, and the bacterial selection marker for pYeast and pInducible is kanamycin.

To induce pInducible’s high copy origin of replication, add IPTG to the mid-log-phase culture to a final concentration of 1mM. Allow cells to grow to saturation, then miniprep DNA.

This product is made available under the unilateral OpenMTA


Some or all of these items are for use only as permitted by a research exemption.





Gene Name NCBI ID Freegenes ID
pBuild pOpen_v3 N/A BBF10K_003498
pYeast pOpen_yeast N/A BBF10K_003499
pInducible pOpen_v4 N/A BBF10K_000589

Download all of this information as a CSV from our GitHub.


The bionet enables open peer-peer exchange of functional biomaterials and associated data. This product may also be available from bionet nodes that are more convenient to you. Here are other bionet nodes who may be willing to provide you this specific product.

Name Contact Country
Ed Eisenstein eisenste {at} umd {dot} edu United States
Amitabha Majumdar Mamitava {at} nccs {dot} res {dot} in India
Maira Goytia mgoytia {at} spelman {dot} edu United States
Alexandr Dorif dorif11 {at} gmail {dot} com Moldova, Republic of
Kheng Oon Low khengoon {at} nibm {dot} my Malaysia
Juan Vicente Farizano juan.farizano {at} fbqf {dot} unt {dot} edu {dot} ar Argentina
Maan Neamah maanm.neamah {at} uokufa {dot} edu {dot} iq Iraq
Keoni Gandall keoni {at} sporenetlabs {dot} com United States
Kevin Correia kevin {at} kedalionlabs {dot} com Netherlands
Cihan Aydin cihan.aydin {at} medeniyet {dot} edu {dot} tr Turkey
Kristel Alman kristel.alman {at} ut {dot} ee Estonia
Lorenzo Zolfanelli biopunk {at} zolfa {dot} nl France
Josephine Labos N/A Philippines
Aleksandr Shilovich mercurialbadger {at} yandex {dot} ru Russia
Emre Yörük unalsergen {at} gmail {dot} com Turkey
LUN CUI luncui {at} cczu {dot} edu {dot} cn China
Dr. Rajashree Patil rajshree.patil.n {at} gmail {dot} com India
Wilson Teran wteran.doc {at} gmail {dot} com Colombia
Matthew Phanchana matthew.pha {at} mahidol {dot} edu Thailand
Johan Sosa johan {at} thefunquantum {dot} com United States
Andrei Berasneu a.berasneu {at} kleverlab {dot} pl Poland
Tania Pozzo tania.pozzo {at} gmail {dot} com Sweden
Shivang Joshi https://www.bacto.bio United Kingdom
Shree Ram Singh singhlabasu {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Aileen Button acbutton {at} ucsd {dot} edu United States
Keoni Gandall keonigandall.com United States
Esteban Erben eerben {at} iib {dot} unsam {dot} edu {dot} ar Argentina
Norhan Hassan norhan.hassan {at} kaust {dot} edu {dot} sa Saudi Arabia
Travis Wertz travis {at} traviswertz {dot} com United States
Ahmad Suparmin ahmad.suparmin {at} ugm {dot} ac {dot} id Indonesia
Xingyue jiang karma5781 {at} 21cn {dot} com China
Simran Kushwaha https://www.bits-pilani.ac.in/pilani/biologicalScience/Faculty India
Wei-Min Chang WeiMinChang {at} tmu {dot} edu {dot} tw Taiwan
Hernán Rebolledo lenaranjo {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Ahmed Hegazy a.hegazy {at} biotec {dot} rwth-aachen {dot} de Germany
raghav sridhar raghav {at} cambrianbioworks {dot} com India
Joao Vitor Dutra Molino candidomolino {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Amjed Alsultan NA Iraq
Ian Cubit Djcubit {at} nycap {dot} are {dot} com United States
Han Teng Wong wong_han_teng {at} imcb {dot} a-star {dot} edu {dot} sg Singapore
Cauã Westman caua.westmann {at} ieu {dot} uzh {dot} ch Switzerland
Rolando Perez rcperez {at} alumni {dot} stanford {dot} edu United States
Stephen Klusza smklusza {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Dayananda Chandrappa nanda.daya {at} gmail {dot} com India
Julio Bonilla jabonill {at} espol {dot} edu {dot} ec Ecuador
Nikolaus Dietz nikolaus.dietz {at} unibas {dot} ch Switzerland
Danielle Pedrolli danielle.pedrolli {at} unesp {dot} br Brazil
Vincent Paris NA United States
Suresh Arakera sbarakera {at} kud {dot} ac {dot} in India
Tocvic Meng Tocvic Meng \ Email: tocvic.meng {at} holocyte {dot} com \ website https://gmexpression {dot} com/ Australia
Miles Rogers miles.rogers {at} raytheon {dot} com United States
Mariela Escobar maru {at} michroma {dot} co Argentina
Peter Rootes root0059 {at} umn {dot} edu United States
Ahmed Atef ahmed_atefaig2 {at} yahoo {dot} com Saudi Arabia
Jose David Rosales jdrr55 {at} yahoo {dot} com https://www {dot} linkedin {dot} com/in/david-rosales-574a7151/ Venezuela
Rodrigo Caroca rcaroca {at} uazuay {dot} edu {dot} ec Ecuador
Jordan Gonzalez jgonzalez {at} thecitizensciencelab {dot} org United States
Scott Pownall scott {at} opensciencenet {dot} org Canada
James Altamirano James_altam {at} utexas {dot} edu United States
Anil Challa akchalla {at} uab {dot} edu United States
Jose Munoz Jose.Munoz {at} northumbria {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
Kenneth Frimpong ken.frimpong {at} thrivusinstitute {dot} edu {dot} gh Ghana
mehmet tardu mtardu {at} gmail {dot} com Turkey
Dong Nguyen Tam NA Vietnam
Jae-Seong Yang jaeseong.yang {at} cragenomica {dot} es Spain
Tal Globus bio {at} talglobus {dot} com United States
Tim Dobbs tim.dobbs {at} cri-paris {dot} org France
Nadia Odaliz Chamana Chura nadia.chamana {at} utec {dot} edu {dot} pe France
Emin Bursa NA United States
Elizabeth Bilsland bilsland {at} unicamp {dot} br Brazil
Jonathan Jonathan Jonathancontact16 {at} gmail {dot} com Indonesia
Sewa Singh sewasingh {at} rnavaxbio {dot} com India
Phil Roche philroche365 {at} gmail {dot} com Canada
Alexander Iakovlev atom.liquid {at} gmail {dot} com Canada
Majed Alghamdi mafa2 {at} le {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
Ben Davis bed58 {at} aber {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
Stephen Klusza StephenKlusza {at} clayton {dot} edu United States
Fristot Elsa elsa.fristot {at} cbs {dot} cnrs {dot} fr France
Sreenivas Eadara sreeni.eadara {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Gülşen Günel gulsen.gunel {at} ogr {dot} iu {dot} edu {dot} tr Turkey
Jonathan Chevriau j.chevriau {at} gmail {dot} com Argentina
Matias Cabeza matiascabeza {at} gmail {dot} com Argentina
Peer Schenk reuben.brown {at} uqconnect {dot} edu {dot} au Australia
Ian Cubit Djcubit {at} nycap {dot} rr {dot} com United States
Kefentse Arnold Tumedi tumediak {at} yahoo {dot} com Botswana
Simon Hofer soyouwantalab {at} gmail {dot} com Austria
Oskar Zeballos zebsamosk {at} gmail {dot} com Bolivia
Swaraj Kunal swaraj.avisa {at} gmail {dot} com India
semih cagan semihcgn {at} gmail {dot} com Turkey
Benjamin Arias barias {at} alumni {dot} usfq {dot} edu {dot} ec Ecuador
Vitaliy Strochkov NA Kazakhstan

Download all of this information as a CSV from our GitHub.