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Open Yeast Collection

Open Yeast Collection

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Currently, there are no truly free open source synthetic biology toolkits for engineering yeast. This inhibits innovation and restricts access to these powerful organisms as platforms for biotechnology. The Open Yeast Collection is a free and open DNA toolkit for engineering Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris, enabling anyone to have a complete and robust toolkit to build new metabolic pathways or produce enzymes and proteins of interest.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae (brewers yeast) is one of the most useful microorganisms to humans with usage in brewing beer, making wine, and baking bread. In addition to these traditional uses, this yeast has been instrumental in biotechnology, being one of the primary model organisms used for industrial fermentation of bioengineered metabolic pathways. Pichia pastoris (Komagataella pastoris) is a species of methylotrophic yeast is frequently used as an expression system for the production of heterologous proteins. 

What can it be used for?

The Open Yeast Collection is a foundational and enabling framework for contributing to the creation of an open, sustainable and equitable bioeconomy. More specifically Open Yeast Collection permits the building of plasmids from free, reusable and redistributable genetic parts for genetically modifying Saccharomyces cerevisiae or for the production of heterologous proteins in Pichia. The plasmids can be used for basic education and research (e.g. protein-protein interactions via yeast-2-hybrid) or for building multi-enzyme metabolic pathways to create a wide variety of natural/commodity chemicals as well as fine and specialized chemicals such as pharmaceuticals. This will appeal to a wide variety of users from educators & students, community-based & academic researchers and bio-entrepreneurs.

What is included?

The Open Yeast Collection contains one (1) 96-well plate holding 92 DNA parts as raw plasmid DNA, each in the standard FreeGenes level 0 pOpen-v3 plasmid and are all AmpR.

19 Yeast Promoters

14 CDS (genes), 2 secretion tags, 1 nuclear localization signal

9 Yeast Terminators

8 Yeast Selection Markers

7 Pairs of 5' and 3' homology regions for genome integration

3 Yeast Origins and 1 Origin of Transfer

14 Left and Right Assembly Connectors for level 2 multi-gene assembly

2 E. coli selection merkers and 2 origins of replication

3 Assembly bridges for optional bypassing of assembly positions.

Where I can find more information?

Open Biofoundry  is the new home for information on the Open Yeast Collection. Watch and contribute to make the collection flourish.

The Reagent Collaboration Network Forum hosts scientists from across the world seeking to support each other in accessing reagents for research and diagnostics, through sharing and partnership.

Open Yeast Collection memo

John Dueber's Yeast Toolkit, released under the restrictive UBMTA, inspired the Open Yeast Collection. The two toolkits use different assembly standards but understanding YTK helps you to understand OYC.

A Highly Characterized Yeast Toolkit for Modular, Multipart Assembly 

This product is designed by Scott Pownall, PhD, with assistance from Isaac Larkin, PhD, on the Pichia parts. 

These parts are made available under the unilateral OpenMTA 

The Open Yeast Collection contains one (1) 96-well plate holding 92 DNA parts as raw plasmid DNA.

Plate map is found: here.

This kit is included in kit plate 2 of the 2022 iGEM distribution. The plate map for kit plate 2 of the iGEM 2022 distribution can be found here

Shipped as purified and dried down plasmid DNA stained with Cresol Red in one 96-well plate. Each well contains approximately 50 ng of DNA. Cresol Red will not impact plasmid transformation. Some or all of these items are for use only as permitted by a research exemption.



Gene Name Freegenes ID
Sc-pAdh1 S. cerevisiae promoter Adh BBF10K_000034
Sc-pCCW12 S. cerevisiae promoter CCW12 strong BBF10K_000037
Sc-pCUP1 S. cerevisiae promoter CUP1 inducible BBF10K_000039
Sc-pCYC1 S. cerevisiae promoter CYC1 BBF10K_000046
Sc-pHis3 S. cerevisiae promoter His3 BBF10K_000068
Sc-pLeu2 S. cerevisiae promoter Leu2 BBF10K_000078
Sc-pMF2 S. cerevisiae promoter MF2 BBF10K_000079
Sc-pMFA1 S. cerevisiae promoter MFA1 BBF10K_000084
Sc-pMFalpha2 S. cerevisiae promoter MFalpha2 BBF10K_000094
Sc-pRPL18B S. cerevisiae promoter RPL18B BBF10K_000106
Sc-pSAC6 S. cerevisiae promoter SAC6 BBF10K_000107
Sc-pSte5 S. cerevisiae promoter Ste5 BBF10K_000129
Sc-pTDH3 S. cerevisiae promoter TDH3 BBF10K_000134
Sc-pTrp1 S. cerevisiae promoter Trp1 BBF10K_000151
Sc-pUra3 S. cerevisiae promoter Ura3 BBF10K_000152
AB_Sc-pCCW12 S. cerevisiae promoter CCW12 strong (AB enhanced) BBF10K_000163
AB_Sc-pCYC1 S. cerevisiae promoter CYC1 (AB enhanced) BBF10K_000167
AB_Pp-pGAP Pichia GAP Promoter (enhanced) BBF10K_000180
AB_Pp-pAOX1 Pichia AOX1 Promoter (enhanced) BBF10K_000181
ScLYS2 S. cerevisiae cds LYS2 BBF10K_000195
ScMET17 S. cerevisiae cds MET17 BBF10K_000196
ScAUR1 S. cerevisiae cds AUR1 BBF10K_000199
Cre S. cerevisiae cds Cre recombinase BBF10K_000207
FLP S. cerevisiae cds FLP recombinase BBF10K_000210
GPP synthase S. cerevisiae cds GPP synthase BBF10K_000211
GGPP synthase S. cerevisiae cds GGPP synthase BBF10K_000217
FPP synthase S. cerevisiae cds FPP synthase BBF10K_000227
4S-limonene-synthase S. cerevisiae CDS 4S-limonene-synthase BBF10K_000238
limonene-3-hydroxylase S. cerevisiae cds limonene-3-hydroxylase BBF10K_000243
S-linalool synthase S. cerevisiae cds LIS (S-linalool synthase) BBF10K_000246
carveol dehydrogenase S. cerevisiae cds carveol dehydrogenase BBF10K_000256
ScGal4-DNA-AD S. cerevisiae cds-Gal4-DNA-Activation-Domain BBF10K_000327
ScGal4-DNA-BD S. cerevisiae cds Gal4 DNA-Binding-Domain BBF10K_000329
N1N2_SV40_NLS N1N2 SV40 Nuclear Localization Signal (NLS) BBF10K_000335
Pp_aMF_sec_tag Pichia aMF Secretion Tag BBF10K_000355
Pp_aMF_noEAEA_sec_tag Pichia aMF_noEAEA secretion tag BBF10K_000357
Sc-tUBX6 S. cerevisiae terminator UBX6 BBF10K_000385
Sc-tENO1 S. cerevisiae terminator ENO1 BBF10K_000392
Sc-tENO2 S. cerevisiae terminator ENO2 BBF10K_000401
Sc-tPRM9 S. cerevisiae terminator PRM9 BBF10K_000406
Sc-tSSA1 S. cerevisiae terminator SSA1 BBF10K_000412
Sc-tTDH1 S. cerevisiae terminator TDH1 BBF10K_000416
Pp-tAOX1 Pichia terminator AOX1 BBF10K_000418
AConL-start-rev assembly connector left start-rev BBF10K_000420
AConL-start assembly connector left start BBF10K_000424
AConL1 assembly connector left 1 BBF10K_000429
AConL2 assembly connector left 2 BBF10K_000432
AConL3 assembly connector left 3 BBF10K_000439
AConL4 assembly connector left 4 BBF10K_000440
AConL5 assembly connector left 5 BBF10K_000441
AConR1 assembly connector right 1 BBF10K_000442
AConR2 assembly connector right 2 BBF10K_000443
AConR3 assembly connector right 3 BBF10K_000444
AConR4 assembly connector right 4 BBF10K_000445
AConR5 assembly connector right 5 BBF10K_000446
AConR-end assembly connector right end BBF10K_000447
AConR-end-rev assembly connector right end-rev BBF10K_000448
ScHR5'-LEU2 S. cerevisiae target 5'-Homology Region LEU2 BBF10K_000449
ScHR3'-LEU2 S. cerevisiae target LEU2 3'-Homology Region BBF10K_000450
ScHR5'-URA3 S. cerevisiae target 5'-Homology Region URA3 BBF10K_000451
ScHR3'-URA3 S. cerevisiae target URA3 3'-Homology Region BBF10K_000452
ScHR5'-HO S. cerevisiae target 5'-Homology Region HO BBF10K_000453
ScHR3'-HO S. cerevisiae target HO 3'-Homology Region BBF10K_000454
PpHR5'-NTS Pichia NTS 3'-Homology Region BBF10K_000455
PpHR3'-NTS Pichia NTS 5'-Homology Region BBF10K_000456
PpHR5'-RGI2 Pichia RGI2 3'-Homology Region BBF10K_000457
PpHR3'-RGI2 Pichia RGI2 5'-Homology Region BBF10K_000458
PpHR5'-ENO Pichia ENO 3'-Homology Region BBF10K_000459
PpHR3'-ENO Pichia ENO 5'-Homology Region BBF10K_000460
PpHR5'-AOXTT Pichia AOXTT 3'-Homology Region BBF10K_000461
PpHR3'-AOXTT Pichia AOXTT 5'-Homology Region BBF10K_000462
Sc2micron S. cerevisiae target ori 2micron origin BBF10K_000463
ScARS_CEN S. cerevisiae target ori ARS_CEN BBF10K_000464
Pichia PARS Pichia (Komagataella pastoris) origin BBF10K_000465
oriT S. cerevisiae target oriT BBF10K_000466
ScADE2-marker S. cerevisiae marker-cassette-ADE2 BBF10K_000467
ScHIS3-marker S. cerevisiae marker-cassette-HIS3 BBF10K_000468
ScHygro-marker S. cerevisiae marker-cassette-Hygro BBF10K_000469
ScKanR-marker marker-cassette-KanR BBF10K_000470
ScLEU2-marker marker-cassette-LEU2 BBF10K_000471
ScNAT-marker marker-cassette-NAT BBF10K_000472
ScTRP1-marker marker-cassette-TRP1 BBF10K_000473
ScURA3-marker marker-cassette-URA3 BBF10K_000474
ScZeo-marker marker-cassette-Zeo BBF10K_000475
OYC-bridge-AGAC-CGAA OYC-bridge-AGAC-CGAA BBF10K_000476
OYC-bridge-AGAC-GCAA OYC-bridge-AGAC-GCAA BBF10K_000477
OYC-CamR OYC-resistance-CamR BBF10K_000479
OYC-SpecR OYC-resistance-SpecR BBF10K_000480
OYC-high-copy-origin OYC-high-copy-origin BBF10K_000481
OYC-eforRed-dropout OYC-eforRed-dropout-cassette BBF10K_000482
pWV01-ori pWV01-ori BBF10K_000484

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The bionet enables open peer-peer exchange of functional biomaterials and associated data. This product may also be available from bionet nodes that are more convenient to you. Here are other bionet nodes who may be willing to provide you this specific product.

Name Contact Country
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Kevin Correia kevin {at} kedalionlabs {dot} com Netherlands
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Dongyan Niu ruina.bao {at} ucalgary {dot} ca Canada
Piero Beraun piero.beraun {at} utec {dot} edu {dot} pe Italy
Elizabeth Bilsland bilsland {at} unicamp {dot} br Brazil
Mikhail Khvochtchev mikhail.khv {at} mahidol {dot} edu Thailand
Ellen Jorgensen ejorgensen {at} biotechwithoutborders {dot} org United States
Scott Pownall scott {at} opensciencenet {dot} org Canada
Patricia Squitiero https://openinsulin.org/ United States
Emiliano Emiliano emilianovilardo {at} gmail {dot} com Argentina
Wapouo Fadanka Stephane mboalab {at} gmail {dot} com Republic of Cameroon
Peter Rootes root0059 {at} umn {dot} edu United States
Joey Riepsaame joey.riepsaame {at} path {dot} ox {dot} ac {dot} uk United Kingdom
Andrew Gray andrewg {at} bioq {dot} org {dot} au Australia
Caroline Huang NA Canada
Danielle Pedrolli danielle.pedrolli {at} unesp {dot} br Brazil
David Chiasson david.chiasson {at} smu {dot} ca Canada
Libby Sharpe libby.sharpe {at} leomail {dot} tamuc {dot} edu United States
Amir Kashani NA Canada
Cihan Aydin cihan.aydin {at} medeniyet {dot} edu {dot} tr Turkey
Mariela Escobar maru {at} michroma {dot} co Argentina
Josephine Labos N/A Philippines
Benjamin Arias barias {at} alumni {dot} usfq {dot} edu {dot} ec Ecuador
Jordan Gonzalez jgonzalez {at} thecitizensciencelab {dot} org United States
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Watanyu Bunsermyos watanyu.bu {at} ku {dot} th Thailand
LUN CUI luncui {at} cczu {dot} edu {dot} cn China
Jehovani Lopez info {at} genspace {dot} org United States
William Fried uscigem {at} usc {dot} edu United States
Emma Kirby emmakirby573 {at} gmail {dot} com Canada
Andrei Berasneu andreyberesnevson {at} gmail {dot} com Poland
Katherine Baney katherinebaney {at} gmail {dot} com United States
Moritz Venne moritz.venne {at} web {dot} de Germany
Muzaffar Muminov muminov.imbio {at} gmail {dot} com Uzbekistan
Aishwarya Venkatramani NA United Kingdom
Maira Goytia mgoytia {at} spelman {dot} edu United States
Juan Sebastian Alvarez juan.alvarez1 {at} ucalgary {dot} ca Canada
Marc Juul marc {at} juul {dot} io United States
Tocvic Meng Tocvic Meng \ Email: tocvic.meng {at} holocyte {dot} com \ website https://gmexpression {dot} com/ Australia
Meng Lu menglu {at} iastate {dot} edu United States
Matias Cabeza matiascabeza {at} gmail {dot} com Argentina
mehmet tardu mtardu {at} gmail {dot} com Turkey
Elliot Medina elliot.medina {at} moffitt {dot} org United States
Sarah Ware sarah.ware {at} bioblaze {dot} org United States
Rolando Perez rcperez {at} alumni {dot} stanford {dot} edu United States
Yi Zhang www.pharmozyme.com United States
Maya Bendifallah maya.bendi {at} gmail {dot} com France
Stijn Tobias de Vries stijn.vries {at} mpi-marburg {dot} mpg {dot} de Germany
Shobha KrupaRani pshobha {at} ccmb {dot} res {dot} in India
Kristel Alman kristel.alman {at} ut {dot} ee Estonia
Kabir Husain kabirh {at} uchicago {dot} edu United States
Charlie Gilbert charlie.gilbert {at} colorifix {dot} com United Kingdom
Nick McGregor mcgregn2 {at} gmail {dot} com Canada
Tim Dobbs tim.dobbs {at} cri-paris {dot} org France
Dayananda Chandrappa nanda.daya {at} gmail {dot} com India
Tal Globus bio {at} talglobus {dot} com United States

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