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Boolean Integrase Logic (BIL) Gates

Boolean Integrase Logic (BIL) Gates

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What is it?

We developed a three-terminal device architecture, termed the transcriptor, that uses bacteriophage serine integrases to control the flow of RNA polymerase along DNA. Integrase-mediated inversion or deletion of DNA encoding transcription terminators or a promoter modulates transcription rates. We realized permanent amplifying AND, NAND, OR, XOR, NOR, and XNOR gates actuated across common control signal ranges and sequential logic supporting autonomous cell-cell communication of DNA encoding distinct logic-gate states. The single-layer digital logic architecture developed here enables engineering of amplifying logic gates to control transcription rates within and across diverse organisms. 


What can it be used for?

Two-input logic and/or data storage in a simple DNA register.  Native or heterologous transcription sources can flip the gates.


Where can I find more information?

Amplifying Genetic Logic Gates, Jerome Bonnet Peter Yin Monica E. Ortiz Pakpoom Subsoontorn Drew Endy https://science.sciencemag.org/content/340/6132/599.abstract

Shipped as purified and dried down DNA stained with Cresol Red in one 96-well plate. Each well contains approximately 50 ng of DNA. Cresol Red will not impact plasmid transformation. If you've already received the plate, check out the plate map. The plate is labelled "Boolean Genetic Logic."



Gene Name Freegenes ID
AND-gate-V2.0 AND-gate-V2.0 BBF10K_000497
OR gate OR gate BBF10K_000498
NOR gate-V2.0 NOR gate-V2.0 BBF10K_000499
XOR gate-V2.0 XOR gate-V2.0 BBF10K_000500
Dual-recombinase-controller Dual-recombinase-controller BBF10K_000501

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