JCVI-Syn3.0 genes (E. coli codon optimized)

JCVI-Syn3.0 genes (E. coli codon optimized)

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395 essential genes from synthetic bacterium JCVI-Syn3A, codon optimized for Escherichia coli in MoClo-compatible high-copy ampicillin resistance backbones. Shipped in Escherichia coli Top10 in six 96-well plates.

For nearly 20 years, the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) worked on creating a minimal synthetic bacterial genome, which they finally achieved in 2016. They named it JCVI-Syn3.0, though the organism JCVI-Syn3A, which is JCVI-Syn3.0 with 16 addition genes, is more commonly used because it has a more stable phenotype[1]. All 493 genes in JCVI-Syn3.0 are essential for growth and 149 of those gene's functions are unknown.  

All the essential genes have been recoded for expression in Escherichia coli and have been made MoClo compatible. There are many possible applications for these genes: you could try to recreate essential gene pathways in-vitro, or purify the proteins for functional studies, or create a synthetic MoClo-compatible Mycoplasma genome.

Recoding was done using scripts that stochastically assigned codons to amino acids. The codon table used was the FreqB table from "Design Parameters to Control Synthetic Gene Expression in Escherichia coli", which was used because it was shown to express proteins well and was recommended to us by JCVI. All genes where inserted into the BbsI:BbsI cloning sites of pOpen_build, which is individually available through our website. 395 of the 510 JCVI-Syn3A genes are included in this distribution, 14 of which do not exist in JCVI-Syn3.0. A gene map of this distribution is attached called "freegenes-jcvi-syn3a.csv". The genes added to JCVI-Syn3.0 to make JCVI-Syn3A are attached in excel spreadsheet "Genes added to JCVI-syn3.0 to make JCVI-syn3A.xlsx", which was kindly provided by John Glass at JCVI.

[1] John Glass, one of the leaders of the minimal genome project, noted: "Note that 2 of the genes we added to JCVI-syn3.0 to make JCVI-syn3A, which has a  more stable phenotype, are pseudogenes. I see no reason for you to remake those genes since they can just be PCR amplified from genomic DNA; although Drew may think we should make them anyway. Note that one of those pseudogenes appears to actually be synthesized. JCVISYN3A_0602, which is a pseudogene. We know that if this gene is removed from JCVI-syn3A we get the giant cell phenotype rather than the more normal JCVI-syn3A phenotype. We know because of multiple genome sequences, that there is a frameshift in the gene relative to the same gene in other Mycoplasma mycoides strains. Still, it could be that there is some RNA editing to produce the protein. Thus, I would like you to make the protein that we think JCVISYN3A_0602 was supposed to encode."

This product is made available under the unilateral OpenMTA

Some or all of these items are for use only as permitted by a research exemption.

395 unique parts

All genes are present on the plate in E. coli glycerol stocks. Plate Layout

Instructions for Use:

Culture at 37C overnight, with shaking at around 300rpm. The selection marker for all parts is ampicillin.

PlateSet: FG_JCVISYN3-distro-5 FG_JCVISYN3-distro-3 FG_JCVISYN3-distro-1 FG_JCVISYN3-distro-2 FG_JCVISYN3-distro-0 FG_JCVISYN3-distro-4


Gene Name NCBI ID
MMSYN1_0001 Chromosomal replication initiator protein DnaA AMW76285.1
MMSYN1_0002 AMW76286.1
MMSYN1_0003 Ribonuclease M5 AMW76287.1
MMSYN1_0005 Uncharacterized protein AMW76289.1
MMSYN1_0007 AMW76291.1
MMSYN1_0008 ABC transporter permease AMW76292.1
MMSYN1_0009 AMW76293.1
MMSYN1_0010 AMW76294.1
MMSYN1_0011 AMW76295.1
MMSYN1_0012 AMW76296.1
MMSYN1_0029 FMN-dependent NADH-azoreductase AMW76300.1
MMSYN1_0033 AMW76302.1
MMSYN1_0034 AMW76303.1
MMSYN1_0039 AMW76304.1
MMSYN1_0040 AMW76305.1
MMSYN1_0042 AMW76306.1
MMSYN1_0043 tRNA1(Val) (Adenine(37)-N6)-methyltransferase AMW76307.1
MMSYN1_0044 DNA polymerase III delta subunit AMW76308.1
MMSYN1_0045 AMW76309.1
MMSYN1_0046 Recombination protein RecR AMW76310.1
MMSYN1_0047 DNA polymerase III subunit gamma/tau AMW76311.1
MMSYN1_0054 Peroxiredoxin AMW76312.1
MMSYN1_0060 AMW76313.1
MMSYN1_0061 Serine--tRNA ligase AMW76314.1
MMSYN1_0063 tRNA-dihydrouridine synthase AMW76315.1
MMSYN1_0065 Thioredoxin AMW76317.1
MMSYN1_0066 AMW76318.1
MMSYN1_0077 Cof-type HAD-IIB family hydrolase AMW76320.1
MMSYN1_0079 tRNA N6-adenosine threonylcarbamoyltransferase AMW76321.1
MMSYN1_0094 Putative membrane protein AMW76325.1
MMSYN1_0097 ~5'-3' exonuclease AMW76327.1
MMSYN1_0106 AMW76329.1
MMSYN1_0107 Transcription antitermination protein NusB AMW76330.1
MMSYN1_0108 AMW76331.1
MMSYN1_0109 Probable endonuclease 4 AMW76332.1
MMSYN1_0113 AMW76333.1
MMSYN1_0115 AMW76335.1
MMSYN1_0116 Uncharacterized protein AMW76336.1
MMSYN1_0117 Glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase AMW76337.1
MMSYN1_0126 Glutamate--tRNA ligase AMW76338.1
MMSYN1_0127 HD domain-containing protein AMW76339.1
MMSYN1_0128 DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit delta AMW76340.1
MMSYN1_0129 AMW76341.1
MMSYN1_0131 Fructose-1 AMW76342.1
MMSYN1_0132 AMW76343.1
MMSYN1_0133 Peptidase_S8 domain-containing protein AMW76344.1
MMSYN1_0138 Uncharacterized protein AMW76346.1
MMSYN1_0139 Bifunctional oligoribonuclease/PAP phosphatase NrnA AMW76347.1
MMSYN1_0141 Peptide chain release factor 1 AMW76349.1
MMSYN1_0142 Release factor glutamine methyltransferase AMW76350.1
MMSYN1_0143 AMW76351.1
MMSYN1_0144 YrdC-like domain-containing protein AMW76352.1
MMSYN1_0145 AMW76353.1
MMSYN1_0146 AMW76354.1
MMSYN1_0147 AMW76355.1
MMSYN1_0148 30S ribosomal protein S12 AMW76356.1
MMSYN1_0150 Elongation factor G AMW76358.1
MMSYN1_0151 Elongation factor Tu AMW76359.1
MMSYN1_0154 Leucyl aminopeptidase AMW76531.1
MMSYN1_0163 AMW76360.1
MMSYN1_0164 AMW76361.1
MMSYN1_0165 ABC transporter permease AMW76362.1
MMSYN1_0166 ABC transporter permease AMW76363.1
MMSYN1_0167 Peptide ABC transporter ATP-binding protein AMW76364.1
MMSYN1_0168 AMW76365.1
MMSYN1_0196 AMW76368.1
MMSYN1_0197 Spermidine/putrescine import ATP-binding protein PotA AMW76369.1
MMSYN1_0198 50S ribosomal protein L20 AMW76370.1
MMSYN1_0200 Translation initiation factor IF-3 AMW76372.1
MMSYN1_0202 ~16S rRNA (Guanine(966)-N(2))-methyltransferase RsmD AMW76374.1
MMSYN1_0203 Guanylate kinase AMW76375.1
MMSYN1_0214 AMW76377.1
MMSYN1_0215 Putative pre-16S rRNA nuclease AMW76378.1
MMSYN1_0216 AMW76379.1
MMSYN1_0218 AMW76380.1
MMSYN1_0220 ATP-dependent 6-phosphofructokinase AMW76381.1
MMSYN1_0221 Pyruvate kinase AMW76382.1
MMSYN1_0227 AMW76384.1
MMSYN1_0228 AMW76385.1
MMSYN1_0229 Phosphate acetyltransferase AMW76386.1
MMSYN1_0230 AMW76387.1
MMSYN1_0233 Phosphoenolpyruvate-protein phosphotransferase AMW76388.1
MMSYN1_0234 PTS glucose transporter subunit IIA AMW76389.1
MMSYN1_0238 30S ribosomal protein S4 AMW76391.1
MMSYN1_0239 Uncharacterized protein AMW76392.1
MMSYN1_0240 AMW76393.1
MMSYN1_0247 Probable GTP-binding protein EngB AMW76394.1
MMSYN1_0248 Uncharacterized protein AMW76395.1
MMSYN1_0253 Transcription elongation factor GreA AMW76398.1
MMSYN1_0254 AMW76399.1
MMSYN1_0257 AMW76400.1
MMSYN1_0259 AMW76401.1
MMSYN1_0260 Valine--tRNA ligase AMW76402.1
MMSYN1_0262 Ribulose-phosphate 3-epimerase AMW76403.1
MMSYN1_0263 Small ribosomal subunit biogenesis GTPase RsgA AMW76404.1
MMSYN1_0264 Serine/threonine protein kinase AMW76405.1
MMSYN1_0270 tRNA (Adenosine(37)-N6)-threonylcarbamoyltransferase complex ATPase subunit type 1 TsaE AMW76406.1
MMSYN1_0271 tRNA (Adenosine(37)-N6)-threonylcarbamoyltransferase complex dimerization subunit type 1 TsaB AMW76407.1
MMSYN1_0281 Uncharacterized protein AMW76408.1
MMSYN1_0282 AMW76409.1
MMSYN1_0283 Ribonuclease H AMW76410.1
MMSYN1_0285 Elongation factor 4 AMW76411.1
MMSYN1_0286 Uncharacterized protein AMW76412.1
MMSYN1_0287 AMW76413.1
MMSYN1_0288 Histidine--tRNA ligase AMW76414.1
MMSYN1_0289 Ribosome-binding factor A AMW76415.1
MMSYN1_0290 AMW76416.1
MMSYN1_0291 FAD synthetase AMW76417.1
MMSYN1_0296 Uncharacterized protein AMW76419.1
MMSYN1_0298 ~50S ribosomal protein L7ae AMW76421.1
MMSYN1_0300 AMW76423.1
MMSYN1_0301 AMW76424.1
MMSYN1_0302 AMW76425.1
MMSYN1_0304 Phosphatidate cytidylyltransferase AMW76427.1
MMSYN1_0305 Aminopeptidase P family protein AMW76428.1
MMSYN1_0308 AMW76429.1
MMSYN1_0314 Folate family ECF transporter S component AMW76430.1
MMSYN1_0316 AMW76432.1
MMSYN1_0325 AMW76434.1
MMSYN1_0326 Uncharacterized protein AMW76435.1
MMSYN1_0327 AMW76436.1
MMSYN1_0328 AMW76437.1
MMSYN1_0329 rRNA pseudouridine synthase AMW76438.1
MMSYN1_0330 Deoxynucleoside kinase AMW76439.1
MMSYN1_0332 AMW76440.1
MMSYN1_0338 Lipoprotein AMW76441.1
MMSYN1_0344 Inorganic pyrophosphatase AMW76442.1
MMSYN1_0345 ECF transporter S component AMW76443.1
MMSYN1_0346 Uncharacterized protein AMW76444.1
MMSYN1_0352 DnaD family protein AMW76448.1
MMSYN1_0353 DivIVA domain-containing protein AMW76449.1
MMSYN1_0359 AMW76450.1
MMSYN1_0360 AMW76451.1
MMSYN1_0361 Ribosomal RNA large subunit methyltransferase H AMW76452.1
MMSYN1_0363 Ribosome maturation factor RimM AMW76454.1
MMSYN1_0364 AMW76455.1
MMSYN1_0365 50S ribosomal protein L19 AMW76456.1
MMSYN1_0366 Ribosome biogenesis GTPase A AMW76457.1
MMSYN1_0371 AMW76458.1
MMSYN1_0373 AMW76460.1
MMSYN1_0375 AMW76461.1
MMSYN1_0376 AMW76462.1
MMSYN1_0378 AMW76464.1
MMSYN1_0380 AMW76466.1
MMSYN1_0381 5'-methylthioadenosine/S-adenosylhomocysteine nucleosidase AMW76467.1
MMSYN1_0387 AMW76469.1
MMSYN1_0388 Uncharacterized protein AMW76470.1
MMSYN1_0389 Uncharacterized protein AMW76471.1
MMSYN1_0390 Methionyl-tRNA formyltransferase AMW76472.1
MMSYN1_0391 Elongation factor P AMW76473.1
MMSYN1_0392 Uncharacterized protein AMW76474.1
MMSYN1_0394 AMW76475.1
MMSYN1_0398 MOLPALP family lipoprotein
MMSYN1_0401 AMW76479.1
MMSYN1_0402 Endoribonuclease YbeY AMW76480.1
MMSYN1_0403 AMW76481.1
MMSYN1_0404 DNA repair protein RecO AMW76482.1
MMSYN1_0405 AMW76483.1
MMSYN1_0406 AMW76484.1
MMSYN1_0407 RNA polymerase sigma factor AMW76485.1
MMSYN1_0408 AMW76486.1
MMSYN1_0409 AMW76487.1
MMSYN1_0410 ATP-dependent helicase AMW76488.1
MMSYN1_0411 AMW76489.1
MMSYN1_0412 Putative membrane protein AMW76490.1
MMSYN1_0413 Adenine phosphoribosyltransferase AMW76491.1
MMSYN1_0416 Uncharacterized protein AMW76494.1
MMSYN1_0418 Ribonuclease 3 AMW76495.1
MMSYN1_0420 AMW76497.1
MMSYN1_0421 AMW76498.1
MMSYN1_0424 Uncharacterized protein AMW76500.1
MMSYN1_0425 AMW76501.1
MMSYN1_0426 Phosphate ABC transporter permease PtsA AMW76502.1
MMSYN1_0427 Phosphate import ATP-binding protein PstB AMW76503.1
MMSYN1_0428 AMW76504.1
MMSYN1_0430 AMW76506.1
MMSYN1_0431 TIGR00282 family metallophosphoesterase AMW76507.1
MMSYN1_0434 Methylenetetrahydrofolate--tRNA-(uracil-5-)-methyltransferase TrmFO AMW76510.1
MMSYN1_0435 Phosphomannose isomerase type I AMW76511.1
MMSYN1_0437 HD domain-containing protein AMW76512.1
MMSYN1_0438 AMW76513.1
MMSYN1_0439 AMW76514.1
MMSYN1_0441 AMW76516.1
MMSYN1_0442 Iron-sulfur cluster assembly scaffold protein AMW76517.1
MMSYN1_0443 5-formyltetrahydrofolate cyclo-ligase AMW76518.1
MMSYN1_0444 AMW76519.1
MMSYN1_0445 AMW76520.1
MMSYN1_0447 dUTPase superfamily protein AMW76521.1
MMSYN1_0448 AMW76522.1
MMSYN1_0451 NADP-dependent glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase AMW76523.1
MMSYN1_0452 AMW76524.1
MMSYN1_0475 AMW76526.1
MMSYN1_0478 Uncharacterized protein AMW76527.1
MMSYN1_0479 Uncharacterized protein AMW76528.1
MMSYN1_0481 Lipoprotein (VlcE) AMW76529.1
MMSYN1_0493 Xaa-His dipeptidase AMW76532.1
MMSYN1_0494 Putative N-acetylmannosamine-6-phosphate 2-epimerase AMW76533.1
MMSYN1_0495 ROK family protein AMW76534.1
MMSYN1_0501 50S ribosomal protein L21 AMW76537.1
MMSYN1_0503 Uncharacterized protein AMW76538.1
MMSYN1_0504 Ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase I AMW76539.1
MMSYN1_0511 Uncharacterized protein AMW76541.1
MMSYN1_0512 AMW76542.1
MMSYN1_0513 Holo-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase AMW76543.1
MMSYN1_0515 dCMP deaminase AMW76544.1
MMSYN1_0517 AMW76546.1
MMSYN1_0518 AMW76547.1
MMSYN1_0523 Uncharacterized protein AMW76549.1
MMSYN1_0524 Ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase H AMW76550.1
MMSYN1_0525 Transcriptional regulator MraZ AMW76551.1
MMSYN1_0528 Phenylalanine--tRNA ligase beta subunit AMW76553.1
MMSYN1_0529 Phenylalanine--tRNA ligase alpha subunit AMW76554.1
MMSYN1_0530 Uncharacterized protein AMW76555.1
MMSYN1_0531 ABC transporter permease
MMSYN1_0535 AMW76557.1
MMSYN1_0536 Ribosome-recycling factor AMW76558.1
MMSYN1_0539 AMW76560.1
MMSYN1_0540 30S ribosomal protein S2 AMW76561.1
MMSYN1_0541 AMW76562.1
MMSYN1_0542 AMW76563.1
MMSYN1_0543 Protein GrpE AMW76564.1
MMSYN1_0544 Heat-inducible transcription repressor HrcA AMW76565.1
MMSYN1_0545 AMW76566.1
MMSYN1_0601 AMW76569.1
MMSYN1_0606 AMW76570.1
MMSYN1_0607 Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase AMW76571.1
MMSYN1_0608 AMW76572.1
MMSYN1_0609 Chromosome replication initiation/membrane attachment protein AMW76573.1
MMSYN1_0611 AMW76574.1
MMSYN1_0612 AMW76575.1
MMSYN1_0613 Tyrosine--tRNA ligase AMW76576.1
MMSYN1_0614 AMW76577.1
MMSYN1_0615 Phenylalanine--tRNA ligase beta subunit AMW76578.1
MMSYN1_0616 AMW76579.1
MMSYN1_0617 DegV family protein AMW76580.1
MMSYN1_0620 Transcriptional repressor AMW76581.1
MMSYN1_0632 AMW76583.1
MMSYN1_0634 Leucine--tRNA ligase AMW76584.1
MMSYN1_0636 AMW76585.1
MMSYN1_0637 30S ribosomal protein S9 AMW76586.1
MMSYN1_0638 AMW76587.1
MMSYN1_0639 AMW76588.1
MMSYN1_0640 tRNA pseudouridine synthase A AMW76589.1
MMSYN1_0641 Energy-coupling factor transporter transmembrane protein EcfT AMW76590.1
MMSYN1_0642 Energy-coupling factor transporter ATP-binding protein EcfA AMW76591.1
MMSYN1_0643 AMW76592.1
MMSYN1_0644 AMW76593.1
MMSYN1_0645 DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit alpha AMW76594.1
MMSYN1_0646 30S ribosomal protein S11 AMW76595.1
MMSYN1_0647 30S ribosomal protein S13 AMW76596.1
MMSYN1_0650 AMW76599.1
MMSYN1_0651 Adenylate kinase
MMSYN1_0652 Protein translocase subunit SecY AMW76601.1
MMSYN1_0653 50S ribosomal protein L15 AMW76602.1
MMSYN1_0654 30S ribosomal protein S5 AMW76603.1
MMSYN1_0655 AMW76604.1
MMSYN1_0656 50S ribosomal protein L6 AMW76605.1
MMSYN1_0657 30S ribosomal protein S8 AMW76606.1
MMSYN1_0659 50S ribosomal protein L5 AMW76608.1
MMSYN1_0660 50S ribosomal protein L24 AMW76609.1
MMSYN1_0661 50S ribosomal protein L14 AMW76610.1
MMSYN1_0663 50S ribosomal protein L29 AMW76612.1
MMSYN1_0664 50S ribosomal protein L16 AMW76613.1
MMSYN1_0665 30S ribosomal protein S3 AMW76614.1
MMSYN1_0666 50S ribosomal protein L22 AMW76615.1
MMSYN1_0668 50S ribosomal protein L2 AMW76617.1
MMSYN1_0670 50S ribosomal protein L4 AMW76619.1
MMSYN1_0671 50S ribosomal protein L3 AMW76620.1
MMSYN1_0672 30S ribosomal protein S10 AMW76621.1
MMSYN1_0684 Bifunctional protein FolD AMW76622.1
MMSYN1_0685 Sodium transporter AMW76623.1
MMSYN1_0686 TrkA family potassium uptake protein AMW76624.1
MMSYN1_0687 AMW76625.1
MMSYN1_0688 AMW76626.1
MMSYN1_0690 DNA ligase AMW76628.1
MMSYN1_0691 AMW76629.1
MMSYN1_0692 RluA family pseudouridine synthase AMW76630.1
MMSYN1_0693 AMW76631.1
MMSYN1_0695 AMW76633.1
MMSYN1_0696 RDD family protein AMW76634.1
MMSYN1_0697 Glycosyltransferase family 2 protein AMW76635.1
MMSYN1_0706 AMW76636.1
MMSYN1_0707 Alkylphosphonate ABC transporter ATP-binding protein AMW76637.1
MMSYN1_0708 AMW76638.1
MMSYN1_0710 Cof-type HAD-IIB family hydrolase AMW76639.1
MMSYN1_0727 AMW76641.1
MMSYN1_0729 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate-independent phosphoglycerate mutase AMW76643.1
MMSYN1_0730 Uncharacterized protein AMW76644.1
MMSYN1_0732 Deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase AMW76645.1
MMSYN1_0733 Phospho-sugar mutase AMW76646.1
MMSYN1_0747 Purine-nucleoside phosphorylase AMW76647.1
MMSYN1_0772 Protein NrdI AMW76649.1
MMSYN1_0773 Class 1b ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase subunit beta AMW76650.1
MMSYN1_0775 Ribonuclease R AMW76652.1
MMSYN1_0776 SsrA-binding protein AMW76653.1
MMSYN1_0777 Uncharacterized protein AMW76654.1
MMSYN1_0779 AMW76656.1
MMSYN1_0787 Magnesium-translocating P-type ATPase AMW76657.1
MMSYN1_0789 ATP-synt_DE_N domain-containing protein AMW76658.1
MMSYN1_0790 AMW76659.1
MMSYN1_0791 ATP synthase gamma chain AMW76660.1
MMSYN1_0792 ATP synthase subunit alpha AMW76661.1
MMSYN1_0793 ATP synthase subunit delta AMW76662.1
MMSYN1_0794 ATP synthase subunit b AMW76663.1
MMSYN1_0795 ATP synthase subunit c AMW76664.1
MMSYN1_0796 F0F1 ATP synthase subunit A AMW76665.1
MMSYN1_0798 Uracil phosphoribosyltransferase AMW76667.1
MMSYN1_0799 Serine hydroxymethyltransferase AMW76668.1
MMSYN1_0800 Ribose 5-phosphate isomerase B AMW76669.1
MMSYN1_0803 AMW76670.1
MMSYN1_0805 Uncharacterized protein AMW76672.1
MMSYN1_0807 50S ribosomal protein L10 AMW76674.1
MMSYN1_0809 AMW76675.1
MMSYN1_0810 50S ribosomal protein L11 AMW76676.1
MMSYN1_0813 AMW76677.1
MMSYN1_0814 AMW76678.1
MMSYN1_0817 Probable cell division protein WhiA AMW76679.1
MMSYN1_0818 Phosphatidylglycerol--prolipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase AMW76680.1
MMSYN1_0819 Thioredoxin reductase AMW76681.1
MMSYN1_0821 HPr kinase/phosphorylase AMW76683.1
MMSYN1_0822 Folate family ECF transporter S component AMW76684.1
MMSYN1_0823 Folate synthetase-polyglutamyl folate synthetase AMW76685.1
MMSYN1_0824 AMW76686.1
MMSYN1_0825 AMW76687.1
MMSYN1_0826 DNA polymerase III subunit delta AMW76688.1
MMSYN1_0827 AMW76689.1
MMSYN1_0831 Ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase AMW76691.1
MMSYN1_0832 Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase AMW76692.1
MMSYN1_0833 50S ribosomal protein L9 AMW76693.1
MMSYN1_0834 Replicative DNA helicase AMW76694.1
MMSYN1_0835 Uncharacterized protein AMW76695.1
MMSYN1_0836 AMW76696.1
MMSYN1_0837 AMW76697.1
MMSYN1_0838 ~23S rRNA (Guanosine(2251)-2'-O)-methyltransferase RlmB AMW76698.1
MMSYN1_0839 Preprotein translocase subunit SecE AMW76699.1
MMSYN1_0840 Transcription termination/antitermination protein NusG AMW76700.1
MMSYN1_0853 Uncharacterized protein AMW76703.1
MMSYN1_0870 YfcC family protein AMW76705.1
MMSYN1_0872 Ribosome-binding ATPase YchF AMW76706.1
MMSYN1_0874 AMW76708.1
MMSYN1_0875 AMW76709.1
MMSYN1_0876 AMW76710.1
MMSYN1_0877 AMW76711.1
MMSYN1_0879 AMW76713.1
MMSYN1_0881 AMW76714.1
MMSYN1_0885 tRNA uridine 5-carboxymethylaminomethyl modification enzyme MnmG AMW76715.1
MMSYN1_0886 Dicarboxylate/amino acid:cation symporter AMW76716.1
MMSYN1_0887 CoA-disulfide reductase AMW76717.1
MMSYN1_0906 Choline/ethanolamine kinase AMW76718.1
MMSYN1_0907 Cof-type HAD-IIB family hydrolase AMW76719.1
MMSYN1_0908 Membrane protein insertase YidC AMW76720.1
MMSYN1_0648 50S ribosomal protein L36 AMW76597.1
MMSYN1_0689 Asp-tRNA(Asn)/Glu-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase GatCAB subunit C AMW76627.1
MMSYN1_0910 50S ribosomal protein L34 AMW76722.1
MMSYN1_0235 AMW76390.1
MMSYN1_0669 50S ribosomal protein L23 AMW76618.1
MMSYN1_0315 Uncharacterized protein AMW76431.1
MMSYN1_0774 Protein-export membrane protein SecG AMW76651.1
MMSYN1_0482 30S ribosomal protein S21 AMW76530.1
MMSYN1_0299 DUF448 domain-containing protein AMW76422.1
MMSYN1_0499 50S ribosomal protein L27 AMW76535.1
MMSYN1_0851 Putative lipoprotein AMW76701.1
MMSYN1_0379 AMW76465.1
MMSYN1_0137 AMW76345.1
MMSYN1_0362 30S ribosomal protein S16 AMW76453.1
MMSYN1_0350 HU family DNA-binding protein AMW76447.1
MMSYN1_0873 Uncharacterized protein AMW76707.1
MMSYN1_0694 HPr family phosphocarrier protein AMW76632.1
MMSYN1_0667 AMW76616.1
MMSYN1_0621 AMW76582.1
MMSYN1_0294 30S ribosomal protein S15 AMW76418.1
MMSYN1_0080 Uncharacterized protein AMW76322.1
MMSYN1_0649 Translation initiation factor IF-1 AMW76598.1
MMSYN1_0830 Uncharacterized protein AMW76690.1
MMSYN1_0662 30S ribosomal protein S17 AMW76611.1
MMSYN1_0852 Uncharacterized protein AMW76702.1
MMSYN1_0778 Uncharacterized protein AMW76655.1
MMSYN1_0797 AMW76666.1
MMSYN1_0317 Uncharacterized protein AMW76433.1
MMSYN1_0082 AMW76324.1
JCVISYN3A_0520 AB hydrolase-1 domain-containing protein N/A
JCVISYN3A_0521 Cell division protein SepF N/A
JCVISYN3A_0527 Uncharacterized protein N/A
JCVISYN3A_0538 Uncharacterized protein N/A
JCVISYN3A_0549 dITP/XTP pyrophosphatase N/A
JCVISYN3A_0593 Uncharacterized protein N/A
JCVISYN3A_0604 LemA family protein N/A
JCVISYN3A_0605 Uncharacterized protein N/A
JCVISYN3A_0610 Formamidopyrimidine-DNA glycosylase N/A
JCVISYN3A_0622 Uncharacterized protein N/A


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Amjed Alsultan amjed.talib {at} qu {dot} edu {dot} iq
Jordan Gonzalez jgonzalez {at} thecitizensciencelab {dot} org
Dong Nguyen Tam NA