Open Enzymes (Part 2)

Open Enzymes (Part 2)

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The Open Enzyme Collection (Part 2) builds on the earlier collection of essential molecular biology enzymes in OE1 by expanding to include more specialized tools that are less common but still very important in core molecular biology techniques such as restriction-ligation and DNA assembly, genome engineering in bacteria, advanced cloning techniques, amplification of difficult sequences and more. 

For example, it contains restriction enzymes that are used in assembly of DNA parts by many synthetic biology labs (such as GoldenGate and BioBrick® type assemblies). It also contains enzymes for high fidelity isothermal and PCR-based amplification of DNA, cutting back and sticking together DNA, making dNTPs (the building blocks of DNA), fixing damaged and degraded DNA prior to amplification and cutting protein sequences to remove unwanted parts. Additionally, it also contains DNA-binding proteins that can be fused with other enzymes to improve their functionality.

What can the collection be used for? 
Researchers who need extended functionality for specialized molecular biology techniques can use the collection as the basis of manufacturing their own enzymes by cloning them into an expression vector of their choice and then transforming into E. coli bacteria. This can help reduce lab costs and overcome supply chain issues, particularly in areas of the world where enzymes are harder to obtain. The enzymes can also be used as a base to improve functionality or add new functions through genetic engineering and directed evolution.

Details can be found here. Plate map can be found here.
Note: This distribution is shipped on the same plate as the Open Reporters collection.


Gene Name
Eco31I Eco31I restriction enzyme
Eco31IA Eco31IA methyltransferase
Eco31IB Eco31IB methyltransferase
SapIR SapI restriction enzyme
SapIM1 M1.SapI methyltransferase
SapIM2 M2.SapI methyltransferase
XbaIR XbaI restriction enzyme
XbaIM M.XbaI methyltransferase
NotIR (GC) NotI restriction enzyme
NotIM M.NotI methyltransferase
SfiIR (cDNA) SfiI (used to create cDNA libraries)
SfiIM M.SfiI methyltransferase
EcoRV EcoRV restriction enzyme
EcoRVM M.EcoRV methyltransferase
NcoIR NcoI restriction enzyme
NcoIM M.NcoI methyltransferase
HindIIIR HindIII restriction enzyme
HindIIIM M.HindIII methyltransferase
DpnIR DpnI restriction enzyme
Bst HF Bst polymerase, High fidelity
ETSSB Extreme Thermostable Single-Stranded DNA Binding Protein
T5gene12/13 T5 Exonuclease
TthligK294R Tth DNA Ligase K294R
dromedNK dNK from drosophila
TEV protease TEV protease
T4 PNK T4 Polynucleotide Kinase
T4-BGT T4 Phage β-glucosyltransferase
T7EI T7EI (T7 Endonuclease I)
T4 PGD T4 PGD (T4 Endonuclease V)
T4 g32 T4 gene 32
P45 P45 (ArchaeMaxx/PfuTurbo)
DNA Topoisomerase 1B Vaccinia Virus DNA Topoisomerase 1B Vaccinia Virus
lambda red operon lambda red operon (exo, bet, gam)
UDG Uracil DNA glycosylase
Fpg Formamidopyrimidine DNA Glycosylase
Endonuclease IV E. coli Endonuclease IV E. coli
Endonuclease VIII E. coli Endonuclease VIII E. coli
Exonuclease III E. coli Exonuclease III E. coli