Open Yeast Collection for Metabolic Engineering

Open Yeast Collection for Metabolic Engineering

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae (brewers yeast) is one of the most useful microorganisms to humans with usage in brewing beer, making wine, and baking bread. In addition to these traditional uses, this yeast has been instrumental in biotechnology, being one of the primary model organisms used for industrial fermentation of bioengineered metabolic pathways. Currently, there are no free open source toolkits for engineering Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which restricts access to this powerful organism as a platform. The Open Yeast Collection is a free and open DNA toolkit for engineering Saccharomyces cerevisiae, enabling anyone to have a complete and robust toolkit to build new metabolic pathways in this yeast.

What can it be used for:

This first Open Yeast Collection is a foundational and enabling framework for contributing to the creation of an open, sustainable and equitable bioeconomy. More specifically Open Yeast Collection permits the building of plasmids from free, reusable and redistributable genetic parts for genetically modifying Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The plasmids can be used for basic education and research (e.g. protein-protein interactions via yeast-2-hybrid) or for building multi-enzyme metabolic pathways to create a wide variety of natural/commodity chemicals as well as fine and specialized chemicals such as pharmaceuticals. This will appeal to a wide variety of users from educators & students, community-based & academic researchers and bio-entrepreneurs.

Where I can find more information:

This product is designed by Scott Pownall and made available under the unilateral OpenMTA


All genes are present on the plate in E. coli glycerol stocks. Some or all of these items are for use only as permitted by a research exemption.



Gene Name
Sc-pAdh1 S. cerevisiae promoter Adh
Sc-pCCW12 S. cerevisiae promoter CCW12 strong
Sc-pCUP1 S. cerevisiae promoter CUP1 inducible
Sc-pCYC1 S. cerevisiae promoter CYC1
Sc-pGAL1 S. cerevisiae promoter GAL1 inducible
Sc-pHis3 S. cerevisiae promoter His3
Sc-pLeu2 S. cerevisiae promoter Leu2
Sc-pMF2 S. cerevisiae promoter MF2
Sc-pMFA1 S. cerevisiae promoter MFA1
Sc-pMFalpha2 S. cerevisiae promoter MFalpha2
Sc-pRPL18B S. cerevisiae promoter RPL18B
Sc-pSAC6 S. cerevisiae promoter SAC6
Sc-pSte5 S. cerevisiae promoter Ste5
Sc-pTDH3 S. cerevisiae promoter TDH3
Sc-pTrp1 S. cerevisiae promoter Trp1
Sc-pUra3 S. cerevisiae promoter Ura3
AB_Sc-pCCW12 S. cerevisiae promoter CCW12 strong (AB enhanced)
AB_Sc-pCYC1 S. cerevisiae promoter CYC1 (AB enhanced)
AB_Sc-pGAL1 S. cerevisiae promoter GAL1 inducible (AB enhanced)
AB_Pp-pGAP Pichia GAP Promoter (enhanced)
AB_Pp-pAOX1 Pichia AOX1 Promoter (enhanced)
ScLYS2 S. cerevisiae cds LYS2
ScMET17 S. cerevisiae cds MET17
ScAUR1 S. cerevisiae cds AUR1
Cre S. cerevisiae cds Cre recombinase
FLP S. cerevisiae cds FLP recombinase
GPP synthase S. cerevisiae cds GPP synthase
GGPP synthase S. cerevisiae cds GGPP synthase
FPP synthase S. cerevisiae cds FPP synthase
4S-limonene-synthase S. cerevisiae CDS 4S-limonene-synthase
limonene-3-hydroxylase S. cerevisiae cds limonene-3-hydroxylase
S-linalool synthase S. cerevisiae cds LIS (S-linalool synthase)
carveol dehydrogenase S. cerevisiae cds carveol dehydrogenase
R-limonene synthase S. cerevisiae cds R-limonene synthase
ScGal4-DNA-AD S. cerevisiae cds-Gal4-DNA-Activation-Domain
ScGal4-DNA-BD S. cerevisiae cds Gal4 DNA-Binding-Domain
N1N2_SV40_NLS N1N2 SV40 Nuclear Localization Signal (NLS)
Pp_aMF_sec_tag Pichia aMF Secretion Tag
Pp_aMF_noEAEA_sec_tag Pichia aMF_noEAEA secretion tag
Sc-tADH1 S. cerevisiae terminator ADH1
Sc-tUBX6 S. cerevisiae terminator UBX6
Sc-tENO1 S. cerevisiae terminator ENO1
Sc-tENO2 S. cerevisiae terminator ENO2
Sc-tPRM9 S. cerevisiae terminator PRM9
Sc-tSSA1 S. cerevisiae terminator SSA1
Sc-tTDH1 S. cerevisiae terminator TDH1
Pp-tAOX1 Pichia terminator AOX1
AConL-start-rev assembly connector left start-rev
AConL-start assembly connector left start
AConL1 assembly connector left 1
AConL2 assembly connector left 2
AConL3 assembly connector left 3
AConL4 assembly connector left 4
AConL5 assembly connector left 5
AConR1 assembly connector right 1
AConR2 assembly connector right 2
AConR3 assembly connector right 3
AConR4 assembly connector right 4
AConR5 assembly connector right 5
AConR-end assembly connector right end
AConR-end-rev assembly connector right end-rev
ScHR5'-LEU2 S. cerevisiae target 5'-Homology Region LEU2
ScHR3'-LEU2 S. cerevisiae target LEU2 3'-Homology Region
ScHR5'-URA3 S. cerevisiae target 5'-Homology Region URA3
ScHR3'-URA3 S. cerevisiae target URA3 3'-Homology Region
ScHR5'-HO S. cerevisiae target 5'-Homology Region HO
ScHR3'-HO S. cerevisiae target HO 3'-Homology Region
PpHR5'-NTS Pichia NTS 3'-Homology Region
PpHR3'-NTS Pichia NTS 5'-Homology Region
PpHR5'-RGI2 Pichia RGI2 3'-Homology Region
PpHR3'-RGI2 Pichia RGI2 5'-Homology Region
PpHR5'-ENO Pichia ENO 3'-Homology Region
PpHR3'-ENO Pichia ENO 5'-Homology Region
PpHR5'-AOXTT Pichia AOXTT 3'-Homology Region
PpHR3'-AOXTT Pichia AOXTT 5'-Homology Region
Sc2micron S. cerevisiae target ori 2micron origin
ScARS_CEN S. cerevisiae target ori ARS_CEN


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